Third home defeat in a row for fc sand

Third home defeat in a row for FC sand

because there the guests went by a free kick goal with 0:1 in the lead. The hosts never recovered from this deficit. Instead, they had to be sent off in the 65th minute. The team also conceded a 0:2 penalty in the second minute, which was justified.

Once again, FC sand played thirty minutes of appealing soccer. During this time, fabian benkert had a goal in the 6. And 20 minute two good opportunities to shoot the hosts in the lead and when benkert in the 25. Minute in the Karlburger penalty area was knocked down, the otherwise good referee could have also shown on the point.

TSV karlburg started cautiously in sand, but did not hide. The guests bridged the midfield with fast starts and long balls, but initially did not create any real scoring chances. So had in the 32. minute a free kick had to be taken to give them the lead. From eighteen meters lupfte jens fromm the leather over the defensive wall to 0:1 in the lower sander goal corner. Only two minutes later, dominik hammer had a great opportunity to score the second TSV goal, but he slipped past the ball on the sander goal line.

On the other side, only free kicks from fabian benkert (40.) and andre schmitt (41.) a hint of danger for the karlburger goal. The home side did not have a major chance to equalize until the 60th minute. minute, but after preliminary work by denis ribeiro, stefan krines only hit the goal post. Otherwise, the black and white were totally unsettled by the deficit.

The decision in favor of TSV Karlburg was made in the 65th minute. minute, when the young michael wagner, who had just been substituted for sand, brought down the guest player dominik hammer in violation of the rules. tobias wiebmann safely converted the penalty kick to make it 0:2.

Although the sander players still had one or the other scoring opportunity until the end, the clever guests managed their lead and took home three points in the end, not without merit.

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