The winter service in munnerstadt is prepared for winter

The winter service in munnerstadt is prepared for winter

the grounds of the munnerstadt building yard were bustling with activity on friday. vehicles were loaded with salt or brine, all prepared for possible use. "Winter can come, we are well prepared", says farm manager stefan sluzar.
The weather report does not promise anything good. Although a closed blanket of snow is not to be expected in Lower Franconia, snow may fall on the weekend and the roads may become slippery at any time. For this reason, the four vehicles were also loaded with salt, and the bauhof employees dispensed with the snow shovels for the time being. If, contrary to expectations, they are already needed this weekend, they are quickly assembled. "We have ordered winter road maintenance", says mayor helmut blank. This means that the drivers are on standby at the weekend and can be called out immediately if necessary.

Tractor for the west

the head of the depot is proud of the fleet of vehicles that has been expanded over the past few years. The tractor is only in its second year of use. "In high gear, driving 45 kilometers per hour", says the mayor. It will be used in the western districts of burghausen, reichenbach and windheim and on the access road to the thorax center in lower franconia. Even if the tractor is the latest acquisition, the unimog is the flagship vehicle in the fleet. It will be used in the eastern parts of the city."Because there is a long way to go", says stefan sluzar.
In addition to the city center, munnerstadt, including maria bildhausen, has eleven districts, some of which are connected to each other by municipal roads, for which the city also has to provide winter services.

All out at the same time

the bauhof has two vehicles for the sidewalks in their area of responsibility and for the narrow streets of the old town, a rondo and a gutbrod. The two are also already prepared. "In extreme cases, all four vehicles can be deployed at the same time", says stefan sluzar. The main roads are always cleared first, then the side roads. Schools and kindergartens, for example, have the highest priority. If there is black ice in the city, this will of course be taken into account in the route plan.
Mayor helmut blank even adds another vehicle to the list. In extreme cases, there is an old car available that can also be used as a winter service vehicle.

200 tons of salt stockpiled

two years ago, in the winter of 2010/2011, the city of munnerstadt ran out of salt, as did all other municipalities and counties. To prevent this from happening so quickly, the city has stockpiled almost 200 tons of loose road salt. In addition, there are several bags that are distributed mainly in the city districts, so that the public paths, accesses to the churches, bus stops and the like can be gritted there.

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