‘The interest in cars is still great’

'The interest in cars is still great'

"Interest in cars is still high"

SG. The automotive industry is in crisis. Daniel Eichenberger, President Auto-Show St. Gallen, but found at the Geneva Motor Show that interest in new vehicles is still unbroken.

The car show St. Gallen presents from 20. 22. March the seasonal novelties. Highlights from the world of automobiles. March the season novelties. Highlights from the automotive world.

Daniel Eichenberger, last year, as well as at the beginning of this year, there were many unpleasant headlines from the car industry. How do you view the past year. How do you feel about the future of the car industry??
Eichenberger: The automotive industry suffered a sharp drop in sales in the fourth quarter of 2008. Despite this, the automotive industry in Switzerland recorded an increase in sales over the year as a whole. I've just come from the Geneva Motor Show and the mood there is also good, the interest in cars is still high. Of course, this also leaves the Auto Show St. Gallen look to the future with confidence.

What is the situation on the sales front? Is the economic crisis being felt in St. Gall?
Eichenberger: A certain reluctance on the part of customers is certainly noticeable. They are unsettled by the economic situation and take more time to conclude a sales contract. Spontaneous and emotional purchases have tended to decline. How do the car producers. Garagists towards the economic crisis?
Eichenberger: Many manufacturers launched particularly attractive special models for 2009. When advising customers, we try to focus even more on personal needs and possibilities. Increasingly, financing support is also being offered or attractive trade-in premiums are being deducted when sales are concluded.
In two weeks, the Auto Show St. Gallen instead of. What awaits visitors?

Eichenberger: Visitors can expect to see a wealth of new models that have been brought directly from the Geneva Motor Show to St. Gallen. Galls come. These are not only beautiful to look at and great to ride, but also optimized in terms of fuel consumption thanks to state-of-the-art technologies. Many garages also offer top deals exclusively on the car show weekend, such as special leasing or particularly attractive trade-in bonuses.
One hears a lot about alternative drives. Which type of drive do you give the greatest chance of success?

Eichenberger: Gasoline and diesel engines will consume less and less fuel thanks to continuous downsizing of engines, and for me they are still the favorites for a wide audience. As the natural gas fueling station network continues to expand, I see great potential in this segment as well. Hybrid cars are already the best-selling alternative drive cars today. Will probably continue to do so until electric vehicles with a sufficiently long range are ready for the market.
Are at the car show St. Gallen also represents cars with alternative propulsion?

Eichenberger: Of course! Individual garages carry models with alternative drive and on the TCS-Areal, vis-à-vis the AFG-Arena, interested people can get advice from the e-mobile experts and visit and test drive different models, regardless of brand or drive type.

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