The district of bamberg saves 36924 euros

The district of Bamberg saves 36924 euros

Savings are already being made in the district’s building department, the Hirschaider Realschule is a prime example, the Don Bosco School in Stappenbach still needs to be addressed, and the Scheblitzer Realschule is likely to see some action soon. Robert Martin addresses these properties of the district with regard to the energetic area. The aforementioned were subjected to the annual energy audit like the others. Result: The result satisfies him, the total costs were reduced by 7 per cent or 36924 on 492 691 euro. On the other hand, there was a slight increase in heat consumption (1.68 percent) and water consumption (4.69 percent).

"We have a consistently positive energy development in the district", comments District Administrator Johann Kalb on the results of the audit. The district’s climate protection officer, Robert Martin, in office since 2008, has also been involved with municipal energy management since 2013.

This includes the preparation of an annual balance sheet for the district’s properties. These are not few: In addition to the aforementioned secondary schools in Hirschaid and Scheblitz, the Ebracher secondary school is also included, as well as the Giechburgschule Scheblitz, the Bamberg agricultural school, the district administration office (main building) and the district building yard in Memmelsdorf. The energetic balance refers to energy, heat and water consumption. And according to Martin, the results for the past year were positive in terms of savings. Not only because the total expenditure could be lowered. He attributes this to the generally lower costs for heat and electricity, and especially to the Hirschaid secondary school. Here, heat consumption has been reduced by almost 70 percent since the refurbishment.

Martin also addresses the ecological aspect in his balance sheet: In the climate protection declaration, he said, the company had set itself the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions to 30 percent by 2020. Last year, the district’s own properties already achieved savings of more than 53 percent. "We have even overshot the mark with this.", is pleased Landrat Kalb.

Martin further emphasizes that a total of 185,653 kilowatt hours of electricity were generated on the seven photovoltaic roofs owned by the district and that the system on the salt storage facility of the district building yard generated a total of 86.74 percent of the electricity required there.

Ramps no longer heated

Incidentally, the electricity consumption of the district administration office could also be further reduced, because the heated ramp to the underground car park has not been heated for two years now. Robert Martin points out that the office itself uses only certified green electricity. Admittedly, the district office is still in the lead in electricity consumption with 400,610 kilowatt hours, followed by the Hirschaid secondary school with less than half that amount. The current measures for the energetic reorganization at the district administration office as well as the exchange of all past illuminants against up-to-date LED lamps will probably be reflected then in the next balance.

Admittedly, there were also increases to report for 2015: In the area of water consumption. The rose for all, up nearly 4.7 percent to 9339 cubic meters, which also brought a 21 percent increase in cost to 37,992 euros. In terms of consumption, the Ebrach secondary school is in the lead with a total of 2644 cubic meters, followed immediately by the district administration office with 2610 cubic meters. Martin explains this with the last two "warm years" as a result of climate change. Because it was very warm, more water was needed for outdoor facilities.

If all county employees continue to be as conscientious as Bernd Maurer’s colleagues (county public works department), who z.B. turn off the light when they go out of the room, this should bring Robert Martin further savings in the next balance.

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