Safe guide for the perfect vacation, in a vacation park without mass tourism

Choosing a vacation park as a destination is a good choice on many levels, but especially now, when crowded places are avoided and safety is paramount, everyone has top priority. Vacation parks offer you and your whole family relaxation, an exceptional home away from home, without the hustle and bustle of big cities and central areas. Choosing a date during the off-season also has its advantage, and keeps you away from mass tourism – the surrounding areas and busy places are crowded during the high season, in which case it's hard to avoid the masses.

We are pleased to present 6 vacation parks where you can sit back and relax and focus on the important things in life:

Vallée Les Etoiles

The vacation park in Blaimont, Belgium, is located in the middle of the
Belgian Ardennes and combines the beauty of excursions in nature with historical sights and small but magical treasures in the surrounding villages and towns. One of the best and safest activities is trekking in the old forest region, renting bikes to experience nature first hand.

Safe guide for the perfect vacation, in a vacation park without mass tourism

Vallée Les Etoiles offers a variety of accommodations, for almost every need. The houses are well distributed, built in Norwegian style and offer comfortable accommodation in different sizes: Bungalows for 2, 4, 6 and 8 people with comfortable beds, a fully equipped kitchen, a modern bathroom, a sitting and dining area, personal terrace and practically everything you need to have a great time and relax.

Domaine La Sapinière

Domaine de la Sapinière is the ideal destination if you, like many other people, are in Luxembourg are in love. The park at the foot of the Ardennes, near Clervaux and Vianden has much to offer: magnificent natural landscapes with majestic castles and villages, for that special taste of life.

Safe guide for the perfect vacation, in a vacation park without mass tourism

Here you will find the perfect trail for your fitness level. This starts directly at the park. So you can wake up easily. Start your day with the discovery of the area. Have a nice picnic on the way and enjoy a stress-free vacation, completely customized to your own wishes.

Homes offer accommodations for: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 16 people, plenty of comfort and an experience that feels like your own vacation home and personal space.

Hof van Zeeland

Desire for fresh air? At the moment the hardly populated region Zeeland a better and smarter destination than a very crowded place. Get on your bike and explore the place; discover its rich history as well as cultural treasures.

Safe guide for the perfect vacation, in a vacation park without mass tourism

Avoid mass tourism, enjoy and relax with all your senses. The typical fishing villages of Breskens, Vlissingen and Yerseke offer a unique atmosphere, a kind of symbiosis with the sea that can only actually be felt in these settlements. In addition, Middelburg, Zierikzee and Veere are characterized by the wonderful atmosphere of past times and history. The inhabitants of these villages stick closely together, they are tight-knit communities waiting for you with open arms and warm hearts.

The Vacation park Hof van Zeeland is located in the center of the region. With with your own car everything is easily accessible. A variety of bungalows can accommodate 4, 6 to 9 people. The theme "water" plays an important role in the park. You can choose a home near the water when you make your reservation. Fishing is also possible, almost from your own porch!

County Bentheim

A quiet vacation for those who can appreciate the little things in life. Explore the forests, rivers, hills and windmills nestled in the green landscape, take a bike ride and hike at your leisure. County of Bentheim Offers visitors a green landscape, balm for any free spirit, and the simple, quiet life of surrounding villages. Visit the village of Uelsen and the small open-air museum Bronze Age Farm, where you can experience history in the fresh air, without crowded places, without worries and mass tourism.

Safe guide for the perfect vacation, in a vacation park without mass tourism

The houses are suitable for 3, 4, 6, 12 people, fully equipped to start your adventure in nature or just play your favorite board games with loved ones.

Waterdorp Burdaard

Forget the hectic city, pack the car and visit Burdaard. Live here like a local. Taste a delicious wine on your porch and look at the stars, walk along the water and linger here for a minute or an hour, as long as you like. The Vacation park Waterdorp Burdaard is located in the north of the Netherlands, near the fresh, endless ocean and offers beautiful views. Take a look at the Frisian Islands and visit the city of Leeuwarden, which has more than 800 national heritage sites in such a small area.

Safe guide for the perfect vacation, in a vacation park without mass tourism

Waterdorp Burdaard offers visitors bungalows for 4 and 6 persons. These offer everything you need for a perfect mid-season getaway, a garden and a terrace ideal for yoga or other "outdoor sports" like wine tasting and stargazing.

Bergvliet Villa's

The Resort Bergvliet Villa is unique. This property from the 13. Century in Oosterhout, Netherlands is hidden between the forests of Brabant and Oosterhoutse, next to Breda. Deluxe Park is known and loved for its 18-hole golf course and excellent catering. It has a wide range of luxurious villas, here you can take advantage of the golf course and enjoy fresh air. The villas are absolutely stunning, with high ceilings, large glass windows that provide plenty of natural light.

Safe guide for the perfect vacation, in a vacation park without mass tourism

Golfing would not be the only experience, the park is located in a nature reserve and De Biesbosch National Park is just a stone's throw away. Cycling, horseback riding and other outdoor activities can be found just a few kilometers from the resort.

Choose accommodation to suit your taste: Birdie is a villa for 4 people, Eagle offers space for 8 persons and Albatros is suitable for 12 people. The parks are at your disposal. Constantly strengthen security measures. You will benefit:

– Avoiding crowded places and staying out of contact with strangers or large groups will help you stay healthy during your vacation. Buses, trains, crowded restaurants and hotels where you are trapped under a roof with others are a real threat and should be avoided if possible. – Choosing a vacation park gives you your own space, a furnished home and the opportunity for flexibility. You can prepare your own food in the bungalow or enjoy it on the terrace of a small restaurant inside or outside the park (note: during this time you should make reservations in advance, most places require tourists to register in advance). – It's a great idea to book in the off-season. You can not only save money, but also enjoy your vacation in a perfect moment, while the cottages are not overcrowded. You can still keep the social distance.

Vacation parks have a general list of safety measures that are very much followed:

– The cleaning service has been extended and disinfection of bungalows and surfaces in general is a top priority here. – Masks are mandatory in some areas – for example, in the park store and at the reception desk, both for the safety of guests and for the safety of workers – you can only go to the restaurant with a reservation in advance – use of the swimming pool varies greatly. In some parks, guests should register in advance. There are also restrictions on how many people can use it at a time (Valle allows a maximum of 25 people inside at a time). – Some parks leave your keys in the bungalows to avoid contact, to protect you and your family / group – In some vacation parks only 1 person is allowed to enter the reception area. This serves as a safety measure for all who are there.

Safe guide for the perfect vacation, in a vacation park without mass tourism

Recommended general measures for safe vacation

– Get information before a trip only from official sources, government sites – get information regularly and check regulations few days before your trip. – Follow the new quarantine measures to avoid unwanted quarantine after returning to your country. – Find out about the local and possible restrictions, each country deals with the situation differently, sometimes the restrictions change, depending on the Corona outbreaks. – If you travel between countries, you should sign up for a Corona test. A negative test can help you on your travels. It will make you feel safe. Avoid the spread of the disease. – Make sure you have reusable face masks: many places require you to wear a mask indoors. This can be at the reception of the vacation park or at a kiosk where you might want to buy your daily magazines. The use of a mask is for your own protection as well as for the protection of others. It's a very clever way to minimize the risk of infection, but there are many other viruses and bacteria that you avoid this way as well. – Try to spend little time with other groups. This doesn't mean you have to exclude contacts, but instead of planning a night out with your bungalow neighbors, spend the time with your family or group of friends. Staying safe and strengthening your relationships will only benefit you in the long run. – If you plan to go to a restaurant, ask for a table on the patio, even if the indoor area is open. The virus spreads very easily in close circles, but sitting in the fresh air at a safe distance will minimize risk of infection.

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