Pretzfeld in five-day dance mood

Pretzfeld in five-day dance mood

Already at the beginning the actors of the blowing music band around band master Otto Hack could be pleased about a well visited Kerwa prelude, whereby straight by song presentations of the sympathetic singer Jasmin Polster so some hot white sausage on the plate became cold again.
The men around Markus Glas, commander of the Pretzfeld fire department, had their hands full with the "Kerwasbaam", a 22-meter spruce from the community forest, with the help of five pairs of swallows near the Pretzfeld elementary school in position to bring. Since the driving of the tree into the village was nevertheless substantially facilitated by the musical company of the music band Pretzfeld as well as a along-carried barrel free beer.
Exhibitions are meanwhile tradition with the Pretzfelder Kerwa. So the many visitors could be inspired by two exhibitions in the Walter-Schottky elementary school at the same time. The local Franconian Switzerland Association showed the already 33. by Hermann Bieger initiated exhibition with the main topic "documents". In elaborate detail work Bieger had collected about 400 certificates and documents from earlier Pretzfeld times. There was also a photo of the oldest documentary mention of Pretzfeld from the year 1145.
Of course, the documents from the 850th anniversary of Pretzfeld in 1995 were not missing, as well as the largest document (54 x 67 cm) "Der Landwirthschaftliche Verein Bayern" from 1864.

Friends from Bretzfeld

To the opening of the art exhibition with Pretzfelder, in addition, with Bretzfelder artists from the Hohenlohischen friendship municipality in bathing Wuerttemberg, which takes place in two-yearly rhythm, the mayoress Rose strong introduced all artists in her greeting and was pleased over the fact that this common meeting now for the 8. Times takes place. Also the chairman of the Bretzfelder art association, Wolfgang Steck, confirmed in his greeting: "We are glad that we may exhibit our works here and come in two years gladly again here." Many private friendships have already been made. And, so Steck confirms further "for us the exhibition is a personal thing on friendly cultural basis".
Pictures, stone sculptures or self-designed clothes were admired as well as the clay works made by Elfriede Schwaderer, Bretzfeld. She is one of the artists who have enriched the art exhibition since 2001, that is, from the very beginning. Just at her stand falls the "Feierabendfrosch" (evening frog) especially in the eye.
The pastor Florian Stark, who was newly installed in his office last month, celebrated his first Pretzfeld autumn church festival service. After the usual morning pint with musical accompaniment of the brass band of the Pretzfeld music society, another highlight was announced with the Betz`n-Austanzen (Betz dancing). After the gentlemen had presented their nine dancers with a red rose at the village church of St. Peter’s, a photo was taken of the oldest dancer in the village. Kilian, first of all the lamb "Strubbi", led by Christian Zobelein, the nervousness of the dancing couples increased with the tension, who not only had to cope with the beats of the Pinzberg Music Association, but also had the alarm clock set by Christian Hetz in their eyes, or better in their ears.

20 minutes showdown

After 20 minutes the showdown was already over. And the winning couple Katja Priebusch, businesswoman for office communication and Christian Mader, apprentice electronics technician, both from Pretzfeld-Altreuth, needed a while to believe their luck in the applause of the spectators. Her first thought: "Not again!!" Already three years ago Priebusch was part of the winning couple.

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