Portrait of two mitwitz luminaries drawn

portrait of two mitwitz luminaries drawn

mitwitz’s heinz kohler has dealt with two highly decorated, recognized and deceased luminaries in the field of medicine. What unites him with the two is a love of his hometown. That’s why he now presented his latest brochure in the town hall: "professor dr. Karl heinrich bauer and professor dr. Hermann friedrich rein – two nationally and internationally famous physicians, scientists and university teachers from mitwitz."

A lot of energy and idealism went into his work, admits the former district administrator of kronach. And kohler also describes the "mountains of literature", which he had to pore over in order to investigate in detail. "Bauer was a surgeon and rein was a physiologist, and both were gifted researchers."

When he lists their commonalities, there are an incredible number of them: "both were born at the end of the 19th century. the twentieth century born just eight years apart. They went to school in mitwitz and were also confirmed here. They had the same school principal, both chose medicine, had the same role model. They studied in wurzburg and munich and each took their first professional steps at the university in freiburg. Both were also rectors of their universities. And even today, prizes are awarded under their names."

Kohler describes the life and work of the doctors and does not omit the period from 1933 to 1945. Rein has come in for criticism primarily because of the "document dispute, when he was an expert witness in the nuremberg medical trial. "after the war, Bauer distanced himself even more explicitly from the national socialist era than he had done in the past."

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