New rifle queen crowned

Traditionally the shooting club Almrausch Neuwirtshaus carries out its king proclamation at the beginning of the year. 1. Schutzenmeister Armin Hahn led with 1. Sports director Hubert Winter through the evening. This year 79 participants have taken part in the price and king shooting.

Vanessa Hahn (45.6-piece) leads the new royal house as shooting queen. At her side are as 1. Knight Christina Dollinger (55.0-piece) and as 2. Knight Lothar Bold (64.4-piece). In the royal house of the youth is the new Schutzenkonig Louis farmer with a 123,0-Teiler. At his side as 1. Youth knight Laura Swiercz (149,2-piece) and as 2. Youth knight Helena Warmuth (200,3-divider).

The title of Robin Hood was defended for the second time in a row by Wolfgang Fub. As titleholder he received from 2. Schutzenmeisterin Heike Kohlhepp the feather-decorated hat. The second place as Little John was won by Wolfgang Hahn, and Brother Tuck may call himself Hubert Winter. Sebastian Bold was the Robin Hood winner in the youth competition. Second and thus Little John became Elias Muller before Paul Kohlhepp, who as a newcomer secured third place as Brother Tuck. Traditionally with the king shooting of the Almrauschschutzen also a large price shooting is accomplished. Youth leader Heike Kohlhepp and sport leader Hubert Winter carried out the price distribution.

The winners with the master target, which is shot in the different classes after ring evaluation, are with the ladies Lena Mueller with 98 rings, with the Schutzenklasse Marcel home with 92 rings, with the youth Louis farmer with 96 rings, with the seniors Lothar Bold with 92 rings and with the non-active Steffen Kohlhepp with 91 rings.

Emily Blahusch won with a 13,6-divider the honorary disc, which was presented by 2. The challenge cup donated by mayor Roland Bronner went to Vanessa Hahn with a 14.8-piece score, and the wild boar donated by Wolfgang Scholz was awarded to Nina Swiercz with a 23.1-piece score. The fixed target secured itself with a 18,2-Teiler Steffen Kohlhepp. Heike Kohlhepp won the lucky target for the air rifle shooters with a 3.0 pistol, the best shot fired at this year’s prize shooting. Wolfgang Hahn was the winner of the archery competition, Elias Muller won the youth competition and Paul Kohlhepp won the pupils’ competition.

The bow cup donated by Heike Kohlhepp was won this year by Wolfgang Hahn, the youth bow cup, donated by honorary member Hermann Hoos, went to Elias Muller. The trophy for the light rifle competition was won by Tim Blahusch.

At the "He and She-Horst Kohlhepp and his wife Brigitte won the challenge cup, which he donated himself, for the first time. In the youth Laura Swiercz and Jonas Heim decided the "He and She"-Shooting for themselves, they won the challenge cup donated by honorary shooting master Gerhard Brust. At the end of the event in the Schutzenhaus, which was filled to capacity, Schutzenmeister Armin Hahn thanked all those who had supported the association with financial or other donations. Donations in kind made it possible to distribute over 120 prizes.

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