Learning new things with other fire departments

With great commitment and a lot of sweat, 22 young people successfully completed the modular troop training part B in summery temperatures. the participants consisted of seven young people from the aura/saale volunteer fire department. In addition, there were 15 participants from the euerdorf, ramsthal, sulzthal and machtilshausen fire brigades.

on a total of seven training days, new things were learned in theory and immediately put into practice and the knowledge was deepened. As a non-curricular content, but meaningful side effect, the interlocal cooperation was intensified. Since the training effort is difficult for a single fire department to handle, the course took place within the administrative community. So not only were the participants from different places, but also the trainers. The course was conducted by Jens weingart (F sulzthal), the commanders frederik schieber (F sulzthal), johannes kaiser and marcel weibensel (F aura), alexander back and timo stober (F ramsthal) and klaus kaufmann and andreas buttner (F euerdorf).

The training content included topics such as securing against falling, behavior during operations, rescuing people and fire water extraction.

the participants passed the theoretical and practical examination under the supervision of district fire inspector thomas eyrich and district fire chief klaus wuscher.

In order to be able to draw on a large number of new recruits in the future, the aura/saale fire department is organizing a training event on saturday, 7. September, a taster afternoon for interested young people between twelve and 18 years.

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