Landscape and culture as capital

Landscape and culture as capital

Castell wants to develop further. With little or no commercial space available, the focus is on tourism. According to mayor jochen kramer, the community wants to be considered a pioneer, but does not want to run blindly into the ground.

"we have a high-quality gastronomy, but there is a lack of a hedge restaurant" says the mayor. This is the opinion he has repeatedly heard from the public. For this reason, the municipal council decided to acquire a site above the village belonging to the gruner baum restaurant. create framework conditions and invest in development is the motto. Now the town wants to focus on landscape and culture. Kramer hopes that synergy effects will result if things develop well. the new bus line from iphofen via rodelsee, castell, greuth, abtswind to wiesentheid will bring people, is kramer’s opinion. Prichsenstadt, one of the village treasures, does not participate in the bus line, kramer informed those present.

Several citizens from the assembly expressed skepticism and are skeptical about the project weingarten or weinscheune and would rather see private investors. former mayor rudolf losch likes the idea, but first a clear concept should be developed. "300,000 euros probably won’t be enough," said losch. "you shouldn’t see everything in the black," said kurt goldfuss, and christian kroeschell added: "the community should buy the land around the village. After all, the past has shown that there were hardly any opportunities for this in the past. A larger company bought up everything.

"energy turnaround castell 2030" is the name of a working group on village renewal. Kramer expects the first results of the energy utilization plan in late fall of this year. Larger consumers have been contacted, now everything has to be reduced to the normal households in order to be able to draw conclusions. Here the municipality has already built plants for electricity generation. Street lighting is also to become more energy-friendly by 2014.

On the part of castell, the wind turbines on sandberg and robberg are off the table for the time being. But iphofen has planned something in this direction, which could affect wustenfelden. It is not yet certain, however, whether such plants will be built in nature conservation areas.

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