Journeyman’s certificate as a ticket

At a ceremony held at the Kronach District Chamber of Skilled Crafts, 37 young craftsmen and women were officially recognized by Heinrich Schneider, the district’s master of crafts, and promoted from apprentices to journeymen.
The 37 young craftsmen come from ten trades (see below). "The middle class is the supporting foundation of the economy and straight the handicraft is considered as guarantor for jobs and training ?, said Schneider. The young journeyman certificate holders were congratulated by the district master craftsman. Through their training, they have learned how to achieve a goal through planning, determination and perseverance. With a journeyman’s certificate, doors are open all over the world. "Craft has golden soil! This old folk wisdom has never been more topical than in these currently turbulent times", the district master craftsman concluded his address.
Vice President Karl-Peter Wittig emphasized the importance of the craft family as an economic factor in the district of Kronach. 1100 craft businesses in the Kronach district, employing more than 5700 people and generating a turnover of 550 million euros, speak for themselves. The training companies provide sound training for young people who are recognized specialists and could stay here in the district "because they are needed in craft enterprises". In conclusion, he advised the young craftsmen: "The end of an apprenticeship always marks the beginning of a career." For this to be successful, "you have to spend a lifetime learning".
Kronach’s mayor Wolfgang Beiergroblein also brought greetings from District Administrator Klaus Loffler. The journeyman’s certificate is an excellent ticket to start a successful career, he said. "With it in hand, you are in demand, as companies and tradesmen are desperate for well-qualified professionals", said Beiergroblein.
Schneider and Wittig presented journeyman’s letters and certificates to the successful examination graduates.

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