Hallstadt or berlin – who is faster?

Hallstadt or Berlin - who is faster?

The Hallstadt Gaudiwurm grows. 22 groups, six more than in the previous year, could welcome moderator Manuel Reitberger at the market place, where all participants were introduced briefly. The organization was praised many times – only not the weather. But not even the most active carnival club has any influence on that …

For the fourth time, the fools paraded through Hallstadt. The still young carnival parade has established itself in recent years and attracts more and more participants. Even if it snowed this time partly, the tendency did not do any damage. Whether the music club and the Oldtimerfreunde from Zapfendorf, the fun birds from Ebing, the dance group from Stegaurach, the RSC Oberhaid, the Laufer and Lauter youth – groups from many neighboring places came to Hallstadt on Rosenmontag.

The farthest journeys had the carnival friends from the Steigerwald and the Hattersdorfer youth from the proximity of Coburg – it makes however straight with its articulated lorry many carnival processions in the environment unsafe. The MCC Memmelsdorf with its Elferrat is always gladly present. "We Hallstadters don’t have anything like that", Reitberger had to acknowledge enviously.

Many little master builders at the nursery

The parade was led by the float of the carnival club Hallstadt. Topics from local politics could be seen on two floats. Once with the solidarity Hallstadt "Hallstadt has to mini park, the Soli has in addition the color" was to be read, and behind the carnival float some (human) rolls of turf moved through the city.

And then the regulars’ table Greta Diller, who asked: "Hallstadt – Berlin? Who is faster?" Alluded to here were the many major construction sites in the city, from the marketplace and Lichtenfelser Street to the flood dam, the renovation of the Georgenhof, the new fire station and the city park. In the middle of it all as a caricature: "Baumeister Soder".

Other associations from Hallstadt and Dorfleins were also present – the handball players and the marching band of the TVH, the youth of the Red Cross, the Stammtisch Konigshof Elf, the SV Hallstadt, the SPD, the SPD local association and the SV Dorfleins presented themselves as well as the Kenner Store and the Ankerplatz day nursery. Here the large building site was the topic, because the Kinderhort gets a new additional building. The groundbreaking ceremony took place here only last week.

After the procession the visitors could still stay on the market place. Bratwurst, drinks, music with DJ – the carnival club had again come up with a lot for entertainment. And who knows: Maybe the Hallstadt Gaudiwurm will overtake some other carnival processions in the area next year in terms of the number of participants. The increase in the past years suggests that at least …

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