‘Gta iii was the first game

'Gta iii was the first game

Celebrating On the 20th anniversary of the release of Grand Theft Auto 3, several prominent game developers reflected on. Studio head the sandbox crime simulator's impact on the gaming industry as a whole. Brian Hastings, Head of Creative Strategy at Insomniac Games, reveals that GTA 3's open-world mechanics include gadgets and exploration of Ratchet& Clank series has influenced. Capcom director Koshi Nakanishi also points out that Resident Evil 7 may have been born at least in part thanks to GTA 3.

"GTA III was the first game where you really made your own fun," Hastings says. Until the release of GTA 3, Hastings says most games were about killing enemies and solving puzzles. However, GTA 3 allowed players to choose what exactly they wanted to do and how they wanted to do it. "It made me reimagine how exploration and the use of open-ended gadgets and weapons in Ratchet& Clank could allow players to find their own fun and approach gameplay in their own creative ways." Similarly, Tara Saunders, studio head of PlayStation London, says that GTA 3″was one of the first major changes in self-directed gameplay in game design".

Several prominent Capcom directors also tell their own stories. Yuya Tokuda, director of Monster Hunter World, says GTA 3 "sets the standard for immersive game design" seen in modern AAA titles. Devil May Cry 5 director Hideaki Itsuno recalls how impressed he was with Grand Theft Auto 3's ability to use PS2 features when his team was struggling to create a single-path game. Resident Evil 7 director Koshi Nakanishi was also so impressed by the game's greatness that he decided to do just the opposite. This "small, narrow and dense horror game" eventually became Resident Evil 7.

I remember thinking, "How did they create this kind of game on PS2??"But also from a technical point of view. In response to the later development of open-world games, I decided to do just the opposite and create a small, narrow, dense horror game, and Resident Evil 7 was born. In a way, Resident Evil 7 might have been born because of GTA III. Thank you and congratulations on the 20th anniversary of GTA III.

Many more notable developers from notable studios like Arkane Lyon of Deathloop, Bend Studios of Days Gone, and Control's Remedy also spoke about the impact GTA 3 had on their own careers. Grand Theft Auto 3 as well as Vice City and San Andreas are scheduled to be released on 7.

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