Festival participants withstood the heat of the sun

even old-established igensdorf residents have had to think back a long way to the time when such tropical temperatures prevailed at their market festival as they did at the 32nd igensdorf fair. edition on the weekend. Even the few meters from the fruit market hall to the market seemed insurmountable for many people.

the few hundred spectators at the roadside peacefully shared the deciduous trees standing to the left and right of the forchheim road with their shady treetops during the procession. This highlight of the market festival is intended to commemorate the granting of market rights in 1980. the procession, however, turned out to be a bit smaller due to the heat.

Nevertheless, 30 associations did not miss the opportunity to parade through the town to the sound of four bands. noticeable relief had already arisen among the observers at the beginning of the procession, when mayor wolfgang rast (IU) and his predecessor and honorary mayor erwin zeib (CSU) marched ahead again side by side in the procession.

Tapping by the mayor

the market festival began with the beer tapping by mayor wolfgang rast and the chairmen of the local choirs, who take over the organization of the festival in constant rotation with the other local associations and fire departments.

For the second chairman of the singing society 1881 etlaswind-pettensiedel, 63-year-old georg omlor, who had been appointed organizer by the singing societies and had already prepared the big festival weekend in the best possible way once before, exhausting and time-consuming weeks of preparation thus came to an end.

He informs: "we had to take care of the pub license, the food regulations in our kitchen. Since to the 50 honorary singers for the service on the festival weekend had to be organized and also the youth protection regulations consistently supervised, in order to let the alcohol not into the hands too young visitors arrive."

"Carmen in lederhosen

with the engagement of monika and jorg messerer from the "weiss-blauen komodchen" (white-blue comedy) then also succeeded in making a good grab. The two former opera singers presented their program "carmen in lederhosen" and proved with their much acclaimed appearance before the 300 guests in the obstmarkthalle that the classical opera with all its beautiful arias and duets is quite compatible also with most beautiful bavarian and nuernberger dialect. Fra-press

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