Ebermannstadt’s innkeepers complain about festival deficit

Ebermannstadt's innkeepers complain about festival deficit

The Old Town Festival in Ebermannstadt should be a celebration for those who stayed at home. However, innkeepers and venders complained about lost sales during their debriefing and the outlook for the next year. Host spokesman Wilhelm Dotterweich (Schwanenbrau) reports about costs running away. Despite the nice weather and an increase in the price of beer by 50 cents (the half pint cost 3.50 euros), a deficit of 4 euros was reported.500 euros incurred.

Klaus Karl Kraus is cancelled

That’s why innkeepers want to make cuts where they can. Thus a guest appearance of the Kabarettisten Klaus Karl Kraus is renounced. Too expensive, said the restaurateurs, who themselves complained about an expense allowance of 100 euros for the firecrackers from Stornhof. The Gema fees had also skyrocketed from 270 to 800 euros. The innkeepers were also surprised that costs had been incurred for historical robes. "Exactly 285,60 Euro", confirmed mayor Franz Josef Kraus (CSU), whose outfit was borrowed.

The pub owners were disappointed by the reserved attendance of the political evening. Also on the holiday Maria Ascension the celebration was not particularly well frequented. If politics, the innkeepers thought, then the Altstadtfest should be opened with a prominent guest speaker from politics. With the procession – by the way again in guild clothes – run anyway the entire Polit-Prominenz with. In addition, the beer tapping by mayor Franz Josef Kraus would have to be better presented again. The first keg of festival beer is to be tapped on a stage. To hold this ceremony on the main street is of little use, because the guests do not see anything.

Not a political event

City councilor Ludwig Brutting (Free Voters) was not at all pleased with the fact that in the future a prominent politician should have the right to speak at the opening of the Old Town Festival. Brutting: "The Old Town Festival is not a political event, but a celebration for the citizens. I am against this proposal."

He did agree that next year from Thursday, 15., until Monday, 19. August, an old town festival will be held again, but was the only one to vote against the innkeepers’ plan with the political opening. In addition, they want to have another evening of youth in addition to the beat evening on Friday for Monday. Not without ulterior motives. At the performance of the band "Revolver the most solvent audience was on the way, says also Joseph Herbst ("Sonnenbrau").

Whether on Saturday a "day of industry and commerce" will be realized is just as questionable as the scenic depiction of the beer war between Ebermannstadt and Pretzfeld (1510), which was to be staged in the course of the opening of the Old Town Festival. But it is clear that there will no longer be a night watchman at the Old Town Festival. He falls victim to the austerity measures.

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