Desperate search: where do coliform germs in heiligenstadt’s drinking water come from??

the managing director, rudiger schmidt, informed the market town council of heiligenstadt that the two pumps at the veilbronn pumping station had failed. Its task is to pump the wastewater from siegritz, veilbronn and leidingshof to the sewage treatment plant in heiligenstadt. "Both pumps failed immediately one after the other, so that our sewage attendants have to bring the wastewater to the sewage treatment plant by means of slurry barrels", explained schmidt. The new pumps had been ordered, but had a long delivery time.

Coliform germs

He further informed that coliform germs are still being found in kalteneggolsfeld, oberngrub and teuchatz. "It’s just one of those germs that keep popping up here and there. Our employees are already desperate", said the managing director. Three samples must always be taken that do not show any germs. Two are without germs, in the third one appears again and again. Despite extensive investigations, it has not yet been possible to determine the source of the germs.

At the meeting of the market town council, architect jorg streng presented the changes to the "grundlein" development plan in a simplified procedure. At the request of interested parties, changes were made with regard to the number of full storeys, the height specifications and the permissible roof forms. In addition to a gable roof, pent or tent roofs are now also possible. Garages and carports are permitted within the building limits, parking spaces on the entire property. "It gives people more room to maneuver", said mayor helmut kramer (CSU/unity).

Children’s fire departments

the councils also decided that the children’s fire departments from heiligenstadt and hohenpolz would be incorporated into the community facility of the heiligenstadt fire department. This has insurance-technical reasons.

Managing director schmidt also provided information about the 2018 vacation program, which had been well received. 440 euros were raised through contributions to expenses. Total expenditure had amounted to around 1500 euros. raiffeisenbank had donated 1100 euros for the vacation program. the committee also decided to express interest in the bavarian state government’s support program for mobile communications. This begins in december.

Historical lectures

Kramer described the inauguration of the sewage treatment plant and the 850-year celebration as successful. On 8. in december, gunter dippold and dieter zoberlein will present their presentations once again to all citizens in the oertelscheune. On 27. November a senior citizens’ meeting will be held in the heiligenstadter hof at 2 p.m.

New staff

rudiger schmidt also introduced the new employees at the town hall: anna zahn, who is responsible for tourism, gitti kempf, secretary to the managing director, kathrin scheuring, secretary to the mayor, and the new trainee kirsten weib.

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