Been active as club treasurer for over 50 years

The singing club "Zum Lindenbaum" drew a positive balance Mannsgereuth at its annual meeting. The second chairman Stefan Porzelt was pleased about the fact that the cooperation with the singing club Marktgraitz worked out so well. Over ten years the choir community already exists.

The most important appearances, he said, were at the singing at Easter Vigil and Corpus Christi in Marktgraitz. The singing in the nursing home Marktgraitz was for all involved (singers as well as home residents) a beautiful thing, Porzelt reported further.

According to him, highlights were the Steinachtal singers’ meeting in Hassenberg and participation in the Lieder- und Sangerabend in Untersiemau.

Joint Christmas concert

At the Christmas concert together with the Musikverein Marktgraitz and the church choir from Schmolz in the Marktgraitz parish church, the visitors would have been able to convince themselves of the very good performance level of the choir. An absolute highlight for the singers was the participation in the community choir of the Steinachtal singing group at the district singers’ day in Gestungshausen.

Further Porzelt communicated that he had visited together with Udo Schneider and Gerd Riedel an information evening about tax law of the associations in Coburg. Porzelt described the Christmas party with the Marktgraitz singers as a social highlight.

The association "Zum Lindenbaum has 49 members, ten of whom are actively singing. Altogether 21 appearances were completed.

Bruno Gutlein was thanked for his decades of service (over 50 years in total) as treasurer. At the following elections there was only one change: Second chairman: Stefan Porzelt, treasurer: Manfred Dehler (for Bruno Gutlein), second treasurer: Willi Bulling, secretary: Herbert Ramer, choir director: Axel Stumpf, auditors: Helmut Riedel, Harald Kohles and Helmut Fischer.

The meeting ended with an outlook on the dates for 2020, in particular the 70th anniversary of the association.

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