Automatic transmission advantages and disadvantages of the classic converter automatic transmission

Automatic transmission advantages and disadvantages of the classic converter automatic transmission

Whether for reasons of convenience or safety – many drivers opt for an automatic transmission in their vehicle model. For whom a torque converter automatic is particularly suitable, but also which disadvantages arise compared to a manual transmission, you can read below.

The automatic transmission has a long history of use. In 1939, General Motors used this type of transmission for the first time. What initially served only the driving comfort and resulted in a significantly higher consumption, has been developed over the decades more and more. The range of automatic transmissions and automated manual transmissions is now enormous – and is no longer limited to the mid-range and luxury segment.

Advantages of a converter automatic

Most obvious is the advantage that automatic transmissions already had in their early development history: By eliminating the need to shift gears by hand, driving becomes more comfortable and convenient. Because the torque converter automatic selects the gears autonomously. This advantage is particularly noticeable in stop-and-go traffic, which is why many commuters opt for an automatic transmission.

But a torque converter automatic can be an advantage not only for people who travel by car every day. Drivers who only drive infrequently and therefore have little experience also benefit from the fact that the manual shifting process is no longer necessary. Fewer drivers often feel safer as a result, because they can concentrate more on traffic.

Automatic transmissions also have another advantage, which is particularly noticeable when driving large or sporty vehicles: the so-called torque boost makes more power available when starting off. Even when starting uphill, the engine cannot stall and the clutch suffers less damage because there are no unsafe start-up attempts.

Automatic transmissions also make sense for small cars?

The advantages of automatic transmissions only partially apply to driving large and heavily motorized cars. However, nowadays many small cars are also available with automatic transmission. Particularly in the city, where they are frequently used, the elimination of the manual gearshift can be a great relief. In addition, many of the disadvantages that a torque converter automatic used to have have now been eliminated.

Automatic transmission drivers have to accept fewer and fewer disadvantages

In the past, if you wanted to enjoy the comfort of an automatic transmission, you had to dig deep into your pockets – not only for the purchase, but also at the gas station. Because a torque converter automatic usually had a worse efficiency than a manual transmission. This is no longer the case. Modern automatic transmissions with more than five gears are usually enormously economical and change the gears as optimally as a human driver can hardly do. What remains, however, is usually the higher purchase price for cars with automatic transmission.

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