Autocad what are aec objects

Autocad what are aec objects

Use this option if you have exploded individual AEC objects needed by other users, and now want to remove any other AEC object data from the drawing. If you clear Explode to Anonymous Blocks, the primitive objects created from an exploded AEC object are not maintained in a single block. Visual Inspection is a utility that helps you manage the integrity of design data by detecting non-AEC objects, such as AutoCAD objects, and resolved AEC objects in your drawings. Under Block properties of resolved objects, check Preserve resolved layers, colors and linetypes to preserve layer, color and linetype of AEC objects when resolving them.

Under Block Properties of Exploded Objects, select Maintain Resolved Layer, Color, Linetype to maintain the layer, color, and linetype of AEC objects when you explode them. .

Command reference: EXPORTTOAUTOCAD

Export Options [//////]<>: Type an option, or press ENTER to specify a file name NoteUse the Prefix option to create a unique file name for this drawing and prevent overwriting the existing drawing file. Determines how XRefs are handled when creating the new drawing. Layers and other XRef-dependent named objects are merged in the new drawing. Determines how XRef-dependent objects are handled when the Binding option is enabled. Paste merges the names of XRef-dependent objects in the new drawing without including the original filename. Specifies the prefix to be appended to the name of the current drawing file.

AEC Objects command

When you open a drawing in a previous version, AEC objects are displayed as proxy objects and all AutoCAD Civil 3D commands are disabled. The commands LayerMerge and LayerDel should not be used for layers that have been assigned to display components of AEC Objects .

This menu contains commands for most AEC objects , like walls, doors, windows, and spaces. For AEC objects of different types (for example, a door and a window) you can use the command to match basic AutoCAD properties.

Matching properties between objects : You can use the Match Properties command to copy the style and display properties of one AEC object and apply them to one or more other objects of the same type. .

Clean up AEC objects – Video course: AutoCAD

And namely there is now the possibility to clean up AEC objects, that means that if I once have saved a DWG under the AutoCAD Architecture, then there is yes there an entry in the DWG, that under circumstances such objects of AutoCAD Architecture in the drawing are present. And this leads to the fact that in a normal AutoCAD I immediately get this AEC Object Enabler loaded. .

Readme file for AutoCAD MEP 2018.0.2 Update

Thank you for using the Autodesk ® AutoCAD ® MEP ® 2018.0.2 Have downloaded an update. Based on detailed information received from our customers via the customer bug report, we were able to identify and fix some bugs with the following results: Some contextual tabs such as the block or text editor are missing from the Ribbon and CUI after migrating from a previous version. EXPORTTOAUTOCAD using the Bind option does not migrate all architecture-specific layers. BLDGSECTIONLINEGENERATE and 2DSECTIONRESULTREFRESH produce unexpected results when geometry is added to a building. Click in the left area of the window Programs. Functions on Show installed updates. We thank you also for your loyalty as a customer. For your helpful feedback on this release.

Autocad Architecture

As a beginner in AutoCAD Architecture, you will learn how to create a digital building model and derive the building-specific information. The optimal start – template drawings and basic settings One performance phase further at the push of a button – working with the display configurations Conceptual design – generating building mass models (optional) Objects instead of lines – planning with walls, windows, doors, stairs and roofs, load-bearing structures – columns, beams, joists The cladding – facade construction Changes made easy – editing AEC objects Better overview – using the AEC layer control Surface layout, Room stamp generation and room lists Creating links – Working with layout tools and anchors (optional) Getting it right in the end – AEC dimensioning Everything at your fingertips – Symbols and plan symbols via the AutoCAD Design Center No planning without a parts list – Working with part tables 3D makes it possible – Generating views and sections from the model The individual design – Clicking in the window area of the AEC Layer Control Create your own component styles (optional) Effectiveness through correct application – plan individual floors (project navigator) From a human perspective – create perspectives and 2D images (optional) The eye also decides – plan layout and plot output .


This export is done by default and creates polymesh surfaces or solids from the Revit components, depending on your settings. It can be found in the user directory: "C:\Users\ username \AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Revit\Autodesk Revit 2015". This entry expands the export facility with the ability to generate AEC objects.

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