An inflatable boat with a motor is simply faster

An inflatable boat with a motor is simply faster

However, an inflatable boat with a motor also has its disadvantages. One of the advantages of an inflatable boat is that it is simple and easy to transport. Inflatable boats with a motor usually have a fixed floor, which provides the necessary stability. One of them has to be transported of course. In addition, the engine must also be transported. By the way, a motor does not run on air either. That means it consumes energy. This energy causes further costs. However, they usually do not stand out much.

The different inflatable boat engines

There are definitely differences between the individual engines. There are outboards and inboards, long stroke and short stroke, electric motors and gasoline engines. Most common are outboard electric motors. For standard use we also recommend exactly these. They are more environmentally friendly. Cost-efficient.

The advantage of gasoline engines is that they have a greater range. But for the beginner, other issues are more important. You should only worry about such details when you have sufficient experience on the water.

Can I drive an inflatable boat with motor just like that?

Yes and no! That depends completely on the HP strength and on the waters. In Germany, inflatable boats with a motor with a power of up to 15 hp may be driven without a license. However, this arrangement does not apply to all waters. For example, the Rhine may only be navigated with boats up to 5 hp without a boat license. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be clear beforehand which waters you want to sail. Asking the appropriate authority can prevent many problems.

Should I still get a boating license?

But the acquisition of a boating license is recommended by us in any case. The knowledge imparted there provides for security on the water. In addition, there are many other regulations around boating that you should be aware of. Being allowed to drive an inflatable boat with a motor does not mean that you are not breaking other laws.

How much horsepower does my inflatable boat need?

How much horsepower an inflatable boat should have depends entirely on what you plan to do with it. If you don't have a boat license, it must not be more than 15 hp. Anyway, most of the time the power of inflatable boats with engine is not given in HP but in Lbs. These Lbs indicate how much propulsion a motor has. Here applies, the more Lbs, the more power forward. But more is not always better. The inflatable boat must also be of the form. Match the stiffness to the power of the engine.

If you buy a ready-made boat and motor combination, you're usually on the safe side here.

More power often means a bigger motor, which uses more energy and is harder to transport. So if you want to buy an inflatable boat with a motor, you should consider what you need it for and how you will transport it.

Can I retrofit an engine?

If you don't have an inflatable boat with a motor yet, but one without, you can often retrofit the motor. But some things have to be taken into account. Is my inflatable boat even suitable for this, how big can the motor be? Before you do anything wrong here, be sure to check with the manufacturer. Most of the time it is worth to buy a new dinghy with motor right away. Then everything fits together.

Is an inflatable boat with a motor safe?

An inflatable boat with a motor is safe if you know how to use it. Here again the reference to the boat license. A motor that is too small will not stand up to a strong current. Going too fast can be dangerous, especially when the wind is blowing on the water. If you just want to get from A to B, a small motor will do. Please do not overestimate yourself. An inflatable boat with a motor is very different from a car.

Our tip

Best you start small. That is with low or moderate motorization, get your boating license and practice in calmer waters. Please remember, even in the shallowest stream you can drown. Always wear a life jacket. If you operate an inflatable boat with a motor, alcohol has no place there, just as it has no place in traffic. You also have to be considerate of others on the water. You'll also quickly make friends who share your enthusiasm for boating.

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