35 Years active and still “koan nome”

35 years active and still 'Koan Nome'

Nevertheless one cannot press the four hobby musicians from Oehrberg into any scheme. In the many years that they have been together, they have developed their own style, which on the one hand is very down-to-earth, and on the other hand is always critical of developments in their homeland.
But first and foremost, the four are friends who are united by their love of music. As soon as you enter the rehearsal room, you notice that things are relaxed and buddy-like here. Nevertheless the four practice with large earnestness, so that on Saturday, 13. July, at 8 p.m. at the Open Air in Oehrberg everything works out like clockwork.

A little bit of pounding

"We started playing the drums when we were 15 years old" remembers Willi Kirchner. At that time there were three members: Kirchner, who was responsible for vocals, electric bass and flute, was joined by the two guitarists and singers Johann Kaiser and Wolfgang Markart. This band constellation remained unchanged for a long time, until drummer Frank Weh ner joined in 1998. "Frank joining the band has changed our music permanently", says Johann Kaiser. Now it was possible to play ballads as well as rocking tunes, which could be set off properly by the drums.

The repertoire of Koan Nome The album now comprises over 50 songs – from oldies to ballads and to rock. But also about 20 own compositions were written, among them real catchy tunes like "In de Rhue san mir gebuan" or "Grunnlich. Yes, Grunn lich. With this song, which was the first own composition, it has a very special meaning. With this song they articulated their protest against the fact that the entire polluted rubble of the market town was dumped in Oehrberg. But the musicians also dealt intensively with the careless cutting down of forests (as in "Der Baum") or the negative consequences of factory farming ("Hunnerstohl"). In a down-to-earth way, they drew attention to numerous grievances. The theme of the original compositions was always the homeland, which – far from traditional cliches – was sung about.

"It is very important to us to sing in dialect and thus to preserve the dialect of the region," says Kaiser says Willi Kirchner. For this employment one had at the time with the Bavarian dialect festival 1999 in bath bridgesau the 1. Prize won. Of course, the four also speak dialect at the rehearsals, the atmosphere there is familiar and friendly.

A boss is not needed

Johann Kaiser: "We are four equal members, there is no such thing as a boss" means emperor. "No one feels put on the spot when they are criticized – on the contrary: "This is the only way to develop musically and to learn" knows Willi Kirchner. And in 35 common years one learns probably so some in addition.

What has remained is their love of music, which ranges from Pink Floyd to Jethro Tull to the rock giants. Catchword Jethro Tull: Willi Kirchner has acquired Ian Anderson’s very special playing style. Just as legendary as Anderson, the flutist of "Koan Nome" succeeds in creating a unique style, to let his instrument buzz.
After 35 years, the band can look back on three self-produced CDs. Everything – from the recording to the editing – was done by the musicians themselves, they had the equipment at home. "Of course, it’s a very expensive hobby, but it’s a lot of fun" says guitarist and autodidact Wolfgang Markart. Kirchner as well as Weh ner and Kaiser had music lessons. Markart, on the other hand, learned a lot from Johann Kaiser and taught himself how to play the guitar.

Supporting band of Kevin Coyne

In 35 years, of course, they have experienced a lot: According to Kirchner, one highlight was being the of rock poet Kevin Coyne in Bad Bocklet was one of the highlights. "That was already gigantic" he remembers. Of course, the four have a large fan base that regularly shows up to concerts. And so the crowd at the Open Air in Oehrberg will probably be large again. The four musicians have remained down-to-earth despite all their success. None of them know airs and graces; rather, they like to connect directly with their fans. One may be strained on the open air concert in Oehrberg, which takes place on the 13. July at 8 p.m. at the sports field rises.

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